A dog comes to you & lives with you in your home, but you don’t therefore own her, as you do not own the rain, or the trees, or the laws which pertain them.”

Mary Oliver

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I come from a sincere love for my fellow being, a longing for balance in nature and our natural environment. My views, idea’s & observations aren’t intended to cast judgment on others but to aid us all in finding a deeper meaning to life and to guide us towards a more fulfilling path of connection.

I gathered it would help if I gave pointers in reviewing our state of BE~ING as human beings, so to do this I will be expanding my understanding of self, with the idea that Everything is a mirror!

With the aid of following Bentinho Massaro’s teachings, I now see everything so much clearer and use life as a mirror for noticing state of being & consciousness, but my favourite lessons in life have come from time spent alone in the country side, with my deep respect & desire to see nature unfold itself from its natural, organic point of view.

I haven’t always come from this understanding, many of my previous observations have come with the overview of old conditioned & cultural beliefs, old training methods and personal discernments made from limited understanding of self. I aim to share, marry &  exercise my findings with the aid of self realization, actualization & non- duality teachings. Most of my present observations will come about through exercises, assignments, workshops & challenges set about by Trinfinity  academy.

In the past I would see the world around me and feel sad & alone, witnessing the suffering of others was an ongoing painful path & I  felt responsible. Why was it that my awareness was drawn to anything I could judge as outside myself and the way myself felt things should be? I would take on the role of care taker to as many animals as possible, caring for the vulnerable or play the role of activist, saviour, worrier, empath, but this just wasn’t cutting it. I came from a place of self righteousness, blame, self protection, my emotions, thoughts, feelings were strong and sometimes hateful towards the seen perpetrator an ongoing whirlpool of blame. It was always somebody elses fault, I was always looking somewhere else for fault.  Something was missing and that something belonged to me.

This is my journey of Self realization, the search for self love, trust & love for others & love for our creator.


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